What You Really Take Away

I was reminded tonight that sometimes what you take away from a meeting, a project, or a job isn’t only the new business process you delivered, and it isn’t just the new technology you implemented.    It’s the relationships you cultivated.

Say you had a list of people who would go out of their way to work with you again.  What if you added ten people to that list every year?  What if you added twenty?  Before long, you’d have dozens of willing recommendations and plenty of people ready to hire you if they could.  Over the course of your career, that’s worth quite a lot.  Maybe millions.

This struck me over drinks with coworkers tonight.  No matter where any of us ends up, I will go out of my way to maintain these relationships.  These are people I care about, and we’ll be connected for years.  Fortunately for me, my job puts me in front of some of the neatest people I’ve met, and the best people I’ve ever worked with.  What’s that worth?  Probably more than I know.


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