How to Use the List of Great Interview Questions

“What am I supposed to do with this?  I’m not hiring people, I’m trying to get hired!

Right.  I get that.  If you’ve checked out any of my Great Interview Questions, you are probably might be left wondering what you’re supposed to do with them.  After all, this blog is targeting recent grads and job seekers.  And for that matter, I don’t seem to be publishing Great Interview Answers, which could be a smidge more useful.I’m trying to help prepare people for interviews, and though there’s only an average chance that these questions get into an interview, one of the best ways to prepare is to get in the right frame of mind and stay there for while.  Reading and thinking about these questions is a bit of a jump-start.

I haven’t included the correct answers because there really aren’t any.  Most of these questions are very personal–designed that way to elicit responses that will help recruiters get to know the candidate in a way that typical, rote Q&As cannot.  But I do try an include enough pith in my thoughts around the question to drive an interesting conversation between candidate and recruiter.

After reading Question #1, for example, a candidate could ask a recruiter, “I know I won’t be in a management position for a while, but peer leadership has always been rewarding to me.  How can I help build leadership into the description of this position?”  Merely asking the question shows interest in the role, desire to improve, and a better than average level of readiness for joining the professional world.

All of these questions can be turned into questions for the recruiter (or hiring manager, or whomever) and, when dome properly, will help any candidate stand out from her peers.

Even though these questions aren’t typical, it’s still a good idea to prepare answers.  Where do you stand on Management vs. Leadership?  What is your best story–one that highlights some strengths and describes your personality?

These questions are all examples of questions I have asked, or been asked, in interviews myself.


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