Clever Dude says his college degree was worth the price

I’ve just started reading Clever Dude, a great blog that keeps me thinking about things like personal finance.  Which is something we could all pay more attention to.  Anyway, he had a great article this week: Why my college degree was worth the price.  You may have noticed–the question of value has been asked about a college education quite a bit lately.  Some people think it might not be worth all that debt, though that equation looks different for all of us.  Even ABC News ran a series on the issue.

I won’t ever know if my college degree was worth it, because I can’t go back and not get one.  But if you asked me, I’d say it was definitely worth it.  Though, admittedly, I haven’t done the math.  I’ve been reading some new ideas to defray the cost of an education that I’ll write about soon.  For tonight, i just wanted to share Clever Dude’s article–it’s worth the read.


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