Practice answering these interview questions

In my hot little hands, I’m holding a printed list of Every Job Interview Question Ever some of the interview questions I’ve used in the past three years.  I started  this list when first thrust into a role where I had to interview candidates, so I Googled until my fingers bled, went to my local independent bookstore five different times, and met with hiring managers in my network to build a list of good interview questions.

Most of these questions aren’t on my list of Great Interview Questions, because that’s a special designation reserved for only the best.  But just this morning I was talking with colleague about interviewing junior resources, and she inquired after the interview process, particularly what questions I used.  In fact, she said, “Do you ask the same questions every time?  Can I just get them from your blog?”  The answers, disappointingly, were No and No.  So now I present them here, on the blog.

Though I generally break interview questions into four categories, I didn’t do so here.  This is just a general list.   Actually, as I look at the list, it’s pretty long.  I’m going to add it as a resource and create a separate page.  Right now I’m just including the first 100 questions.  Enjoy!

List of General Interview Questions



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