List of General Interview Questions

Looking through this list and practicing answers is a good warm up for any job interview.  Here are  the first 100 from my list of questions every candidate should be prepared to answer.

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why did you choose to attend your college/university?
  3. How did you choose your major?
  4. How did you decide on your career path?
  5. What was your education like?
  6. What was your favorite class?
  7. Which courses didn’t you like?
  8. How do you think your education prepared you for a career in this industry?
  9. What’s your GPA?
  10. Do you think your GPA is a good reflection on you?
  11. If you had to change one thing about your education, what would it be?
  12. Why did you choose your internship(s)?
  13. Did you get any performance feedback in that position?  What was it?
  14. How did you get along with your manager?
  15. What kind of manager do you work well with?
  16. What characteristics do you respect in a manager?
  17. What kind of manager is more difficult for you to work for?
  18. How would you evaluate your last company?
  19. How would you evaluate your last boss?
  20. What was your best day on the job?
  21. What was your worst day on the job?
  22. What did you like best about the job?
  23. What did you like least about the job?
  24. Looking back, would you have done anything differently in your last position?
  25. What changes were you responsible for in your previous job?
  26. Did you manage others?
  27. If so, how did your subordinates get along with you?
  28. Have you ever had to interview people?
  29. Have you ever been in charge of hiring someone?
  30. What is the most challenging project you’ve ever been assigned?
  31. Have you ever had to write reports?
  32. Do you enjoy working with data?
  33. Describe your technology skills.
  34. Are you comfortable learning new technology?
  35. What’s the most recent technology you’ve learned?
  36. Have you ever done any programming?
  37. Would you rather work with information or people?
  38. Do you blog?
  39. Would you consider yourself an organized person?
  40. Are you more or less organized than your friends?
  41. How do you stay organized?
  42. Have you had to make any changes to the way you stay organized in the last few years?
  43. How do you typically schedule your day?
  44. Tell me about a recent time when you had to adjust your plans to accommodate last-minute changes.
  45. Have you ever worked in a job in which there were constant unanticipated events?  How did you manage your responsibilities?
  46. Are you easy-going?
  47. Are you a perfectionist?
  48. Who is your best friend, and why do you think that is?
  49. Why are you that person’s best friend?
  50. What’s your role in your group of friends?
  51. What can your friends count on you for?
  52. What can your coworkers expect from you?
  53. In contrast, what do your coworkers expect from you?
  54. What traits or skills do you value most in other people?
  55. What three traits or skills should your new company value about you?
  56. Whom do you admire most?
  57. What kind of people do you like to work with?
  58. Do you prefer to work alone, or as part of a team?
  59. Are you stronger as an individual contributor (though possibly as part of a team), or as a manager of individual contributors?
  60. Tell me about a recent group project that you feel went particularly well.
  61. Tell me about a recent group project that did not go as well as it could have.  What would you have changed?  What did you learn from it?
  62. What is required for groups to work well together?
  63. What makes it hard for groups to work together?
  64. What have you done to contribute to or enhance the team environment at work?
  65. Have you ever had to motivate a team to finish a project?  Tell me about it.
  66. Have you ever been a part of a team that didn’t work well together?  How did you handle it?
  67. How do you react to conflict?
  68. Tell me about a recent time when you successfully dealt with conflict.
  69. Tell me about a time when you had to convince someone to do something, but you had no positional authority.
  70. What is the most difficult professional situation you’ve had to deal with?
  71. What is your greatest professional accomplishment?
  72. What is  your greatest professional failure?
  73. What have you learned from each?
  74. Describe a time when you had to communicate something unpleasant.
  75. Is communication a strong suit of yours?
  76. Have you ever had a better idea than one of your superiors?  How did you handle it?
  77. Have you ever had to exert leadership over someone who had more experience or expertise than you?
  78. Tell me about a time when you had to stand up for your ideas.
  79. Did you ever have to use research to gain information needed to solve a problem?
  80. How did you go about obtaining it?
  81. How did you analyze the information and come to a decision?
  82. Have you ever had a project that relied heavily on quantitative analysis?
  83. Have you ever had to make a decision or recommendation before you had enough time to thoughtfully research and determine the answer?
  84. What was the most challenging professional decision you made in the last six months?
  85. Have you ever been burned for taking a risk?  Tell me about it.
  86. If not, why haven’t you had to take any risks?
  87. Tell me about a particularly creative solution you implemented.
  88. What do you do in your free time?
  89. What book are you reading right now?
  90. What magazines do you subscribe to?
  91. What blogs do you read?
  92. Are you involved in any organizations?
  93. Are there any groups you’re targeting to become involved in professionally?
  94. Where do you plan to be in 5 years?
  95. Where do you want to be in 20 years?
  96. Aside from advancement, etc, what are your career goals?
  97. What other positions are you interviewing for?
  98. Are you interested in additional education?
  99. Why are you interested in this position?
  100. Why are you interested in this company?

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