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How to handle “The Salary Question”

At some point during the interview process, the recruiter will ask either “What’s your current salary?” or “What are your salary requirements?”  There’s no great way to answer this question.  Honesty is the best policy, but there are shades of grey, especially if asked the latter.

As I posted earlier, the salary may not be negotiable for recent grads, making it even harder to answer.  If your number is too high, you may be out of the running for financial reasons.  If it’s too low, you may appear under-qualified.  That means you have a one-third shot at getting it right, and those aren’t good odds.

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Salary may not be negotiable for recent grads

It’s common to assume that salary, benefits, moving expenses, etc. are negotiable during the job interview process.  To a degree, this is an antiquated notion–especially for recent grads.

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What’s your VORP?

For anyone who follows baseball, VORP has become an important statistic used to describe a player’s value.  It stands for Value Over Replacement Player, and quantifies how much better a specified player performs relative to the average replacement player available on the market.  In baseball, the only statistics that really count are runs generated and outs produced, so that’s basically how VORP is calculated.

I was talking with friends last night about how the collection of data and resulting statistics may or may not have changed professional sports today.  Most would argue that significant changes have resulted, especially in how teams value their players, how contracts are structured, how new talent is scouted, and how fans are engaged.

The question, then, is how do the companies we work for determine our value?

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