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Didja watch golf this weekend?

If you did, you might have seen Dustin Johnson’s soon-to-be infamous gaffe at the PGA Championship in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  If you didn’t see it live, you’ve probably heard about it all over the news.  The short of it is that Johnson let his club touch the ground in an area of the course where doing so results in a 2 stroke penalty.  He didn’t know he was in such an area.  But had he read a bulletin sent to all players, he would have known.  He was even aware of the bulletin, but admitted to not reading it.  Therefore, he was unaware of the rules of engagement for that particular course.

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How to Tell if You’re Cut Out to be a Consultant

I’m trying to add more industry-specific thoughts.  Since I know consulting more than any other, I’ll start there.

Not everyone succeeds as a consultant.  I’ve known a few people who were great at what they do (project managers, technical analysts, architects), but failed miserably when they tried to provide their services as a consultant.  They’re much happier (and more successful) as employees.  A few key similarities existed in each situation.

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