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When will the new guard gain power?

When they decide to.

Our world has changed dramatically in the last 15 to 20 years. Thanks to the Internet, the face of Corporate America has changed from oil, automotive, and mega-conglomerates to former tech startups, social media, and green energy. And the Millennial Generation (Gen Y) wields more power than any new generation ever has. So why do still see elections being won by life-long politicians, big business backed bureaucrats, and nobody who represents this change in our nation? Continue reading


Holiday Throwdown: Election Day vs. the Fourth of July

I’m a nerd for elections, so to me Election Day is like Christmas  Halloween  Flag Day the Fourth of July for others.  I know the Fourth celebrates the approval of the Declaration of Independence, and represents our 13 original colonies’ freedom from Britain, etc., but I like Election Day even more, and think it should be a national holiday.  This year in Minnesota, without a state-wide Federal position up for grabs, the excitement isn’t the same, but I’m nonetheless energized.

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