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I can’t believe what I found on Facebook

The only acceptable Facebook privacy setting when job searching.

Everyone knows to check their Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter feeds, and Naymz profiles while they’re job searching right? Doesn’t seem that way. And once you have a job, it’s okay to relax a little, right? Wrong. Despite thousands of articles and tip lists imploring us to clean up our social media closets, we still don’t. I’m beginning to wonder if the problem isn’t awareness, it’s perspective. We know we should be careful, but we don’t see a problem. Like the guy who’s six beers into the night and doesn’t think he’s drunk, too many people think their witty political statements, bikini photos, and raging against the machine won’t make an impact on our careers. Huh.

Before I hire someone, I search everything online. Like a drug screen or a background check, this is becoming routine across companies. Different companies and roles have different hot buttons (especially if you work with children or heavy machinery), but here are some of the things I’ve uncovered that may be considered negative by some employers:

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