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Question 2: What does the John Doe brand stand for?

Another in the line of Great Interview Questions, this one helps me understand if the candidate has critically thought about what they bring to the table.  I find a certain amount of self-awareness in the best candidates, and this is a great way to uncover it.

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My four interview question categories

I couldn’t figure out how to title this post.  (Just so you know.  It’s early and I struggle writing pithy headlines in the AM.)

Just the other day, I was asked by a colleague to go over my interview process and questions.  Just then, years after starting to interview recent grads (I sheepishly admit it took me too long to notice this), I realized that I only have four categories of questions.  I suppose I could break them down in a thousand different ways (like Past, Present, Future; Personal, Behavioral, Aspirational), but this is how I look at my interview questions.  I don’t know that every recruiter consciously groups their questions like this, but it can’t hurt to practice answers for each category.  And just like negotiations and fancy sales tactics, it’s good to know how the person across the table approaches the game. Continue reading

Question 4: What other jobs are you applying for?

This is another Great Interview Question, but because it helps the recruiter get at information the candidate may not otherwise furnish willingly.  One the most important things a recruiter needs to know is if the candidate is really interested in the job.  Especially when the market is so soft, everybody’s applying to everything.  I’ve had candidates ask me “What is it your company does again?  I applied to so many places that I get them mixed up.”  Well that’s just not acceptable.   Continue reading

How to Use the List of Great Interview Questions

“What am I supposed to do with this?  I’m not hiring people, I’m trying to get hired!

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Question #8: Tell me about your performance feedback

If good questions leave room for interpretation, this one leaves acres of space. Does the candidate choose negative or positive feedback?  Is it recent or ancient?  In many ways this is a re-write of the classic “Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses” routine, but the phrasing adds some complexity and enables more potential analysis by the recruiter.  And that’s what good questions do–they elicit responses that clearly tell the recruiter about the candidate. Continue reading

Great Interview Questions #1 – Management vs. Leadership

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Great Interview Questions #5 – Tell me a great story

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