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You gonna eat, or you gonna be ate?

Fight or flight.  Kill or be killed.  Eat or be eaten.  If only every decision was so binary.  The same holds true in the workplace, though I’d add a third category: wait and see.  I could also break  it up into leaders, followers, and situational somewhere-in-the-middlers (trademark pending).  Moving forward, moving backward, or paralyzed.  (I could go on, but you get the idea.)

As an exercise, look around the room at your next meeting and try to categorize everyone into three groups: Leaders, Followers, and Waiters.  Then look at each person’s career (what you know of it) to see if there’s any correlation between those groups and upward mobility.  I bet there is. Continue reading


My Meetings are a Waste of Time

Here’s a direct quote from one of our new consultants:

I can’t believe how many unnecessary meetings we have.  What a waste of time!

Maybe.  In fact, definitely.  But it depends on how you define “waste of time.”

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