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5 reasons you’re not getting promoted

Few promotions and even fewer raises have been doled out in the last two years. But if you find yourself watching other people get promoted while you toil in the same position for what seems like far too long, one or more of these reasons may apply to you.

1. You’re not doing more than your job. When promotions are scarce, you have to work even harder to get ahead. That doesn’t just mean being the best at your job–it means doing more than what’s asked of you. You’ve heard of “exceeding expectations,” right? A common phrase when giving performance appraisals, it’s a step above “meets expectations.” The problem is that expectations are set based on the job description. So if you’re expected to achieve an 85% accuracy rate, and you hit 92%, you’re exceeding expectations. But that just means you’re really good at your current job–it doesn’t mean you’d be good in a new position. You need to do something that isn’t even remotely expected of you.  Continue reading


Question #8: Tell me about your performance feedback

If good questions leave room for interpretation, this one leaves acres of space. Does the candidate choose negative or positive feedback?  Is it recent or ancient?  In many ways this is a re-write of the classic “Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses” routine, but the phrasing adds some complexity and enables more potential analysis by the recruiter.  And that’s what good questions do–they elicit responses that clearly tell the recruiter about the candidate. Continue reading

Start, Stop, Change and Continue

One of my favorite formats with which to provide feedback is Start, Stop, Change and Continue.  It’s a common change management tool, but I like to repurpose it for employee feedback.  In short, feedback is presented thus:

The Start, Stop, Change, Continue model is used in change management, but even more effective as an employee feedback framework.

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