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Convince the recruiter that technology doesn’t matter

Every year I get a new phone, though the last 3 have been BlackBerries.  Yesterday, I picked up a new HTC EVO–my first Android phone.  Yes, I stayed up until 2AM playing with it.  And I’ll probably do the same tonight.  In fact, I had to tear myself away from the phone to tend to the blog.  (Imagine!)

Anyway, what struck me is that in no more than 3 dedicated hours, I learned a brand new operating system and interface.  I’ve never used Android before.  Not even close.  Yet user experience design is such an important part of application development these days that any new technology can be picked up faster than a sack of burgers from White Castle.  (I already regret writing that–sorry.) Continue reading


Is it Possible to Win a Technical Interview?

I don’t have to explain why technical interviews are tough, do I?  The question before us today is “Do you approach technical interviews differently than non-technical interviews?”  Surprise, surprise–you do.

If you know you’re going into a technical interview, in contrast to a normal interview where you may touch on a few high-level technical topics, you know that it’s important to the hiring company that you know your stuff.  We all know that you could pick it up if you needed to because you’re a quick study, but the company wants to see how much you know.

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